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    Charlie....going to the girls?

    So my husband has said for several years now that if we ever had another boy, we would name him Charles (Charlie) after his grandpa...and low and behold, we just found out that our 4th surprise baby is a boy!

    So this should be easy, right?

    Well with each of our children I have agonized over their names until I actually meet them...we always go to the hospital with 2 names and then choose the one that fits them best. It's so strange to have things settled already and I'm getting cold feet on Charlie. Each time I mention the name to someone they say..."oh that's nice, I know so-and-so (many times a girl) with that name." I personally, know 2 little Charlies. One on facebook, and even though I never see them in real life I see pics and talk to his mommy all the time. I've never actually chosen a (first name) for our kids where I already knew someone with that name.

    Our other kids are: Samuel (Sam), Esme and Georgia. I love each of their names...I hope it's just pregnancy hormones causing me to doubt Charlie. Other names I do like are: Abel, August, Theodore, Arthur, Miles, Calvin.

    Thoughts? TIA

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    Charlie is never going to be a girl's name. And it certainly won't "go to the girls" if parents continue using it for their sons.

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    Charles is still firmly planted in boy name territory, so I wouldn't worry. It is special to your husband so that is most important. Charlie is rising for girls, but so what? Just because a few girls share the name, it isn't "tainted" with femininity. It has a long history as a male name, so feel confident to use it as such.
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    I think if you go with Charles you are safe! Yes you may call him Charlie as a small child but he may decide to go by Chaz or a different nickname when he get older. Yes Charlie is growing in popularity for girls but I think with the option of going by Charles or a different nn (or Charlie if he likes, it's all boy to me) you are in the clear.

    I like names with personal meaning soI would keep it!

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    I know more Charlie girls (3) than boys (2), but I still think it'll stay either a unisex or boys name in the long run. Your son will have Charles as his full name, so I think you're safe. It's mostly hipsters that use Charlie for a girl and they are fickle creatures ;-) Charles/ie fits great with your lovely sibset.
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