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    I know of a couple of girls named Charlie/Charley or Charlotte with the nickname Charlie, but I definitely don't think it's gone to the girls. And even if girls are being named or nicknamed Charlie, they certainly aren't being named Charles in great numbers. It's a super handsome boy name and I think it fits great with your children's names!

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    I think it is similar to Alex. There are a ton of girl Alex's as well as a ton of boy Alex's. But I think the moms of the girls are the ones who have to clarify that her Alex is a girl because people automatically think of a boy. And I feel the same about Charlie. Charles/Charlie is a great name....we considered it as well.

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    Charlie is unisex, but definitely more boys, and will never go more for girls. I know a few girls named it, but all are Charlottes, minus two, a teenage Charley and an 8 year old Charlee. You're fine to use Charlie on a boy.

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    I agree with someone else who said it's a true unisex name like Alex. I know boys and girls with this name and neither sex taints its use for the other. However, for this generation of young kids and babies, I definitely know of several little girls who go by Charlie/Charlee and none that are boys. Most have the full name Charlotte, but they are called Charlie. So, while I don't think it's "gone to the girls" in a sense of it hasn't lost its masculinity despite many girls having it as a nickname now, chances are, your little boy Charlie will be sharing his name with several girls throughout his life. Charlotte is just out of the top 10 and expected to break it next year, so I don't see the popularity of Charlie on a girl dissipating anytime soon. Therefore, it's up to you... would you care that your son would share his name with girls? Would he care? If yes, then maybe pick a different first name and use Charles as the middle name. If not, then go for it.
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    It's definitely fine, especially since his full name will be Charles. I do think Charlie is becoming a unisex nickname (for either Charlotte or Charles), but even there, it's definitely not a girls-only nickname--it's for boys or girls, and I still think of it as a primarily boys' name. (I happen to know two Charlie's--one high-school aged guy and one elementary-aged girl). I wouldn't bat an eyelid at meeting a boy Charlie. In fact, I'd think it's really great.
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