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    International baby name help!

    Hi, we have a baby boy due in less than 2 months! Our family lives in the U.S.A. but my husband is from South America. We both like the spanish name Miqueas which is the spanish version of Micah and it is pronounced "Mikayus". It sounds natural and beautiful to me, but I lived in latin america for many years. I would like feedback from you all how it sounds to those not accustomed to it.

    Also, here is my other question. If we do decide to use the name, I am considering changing the spelling to a more Americanized spelling to avoid confusion and people constantly mispronouncing it here in the U.S.A. Do you all have any good suggestions? Some of my ideas are: Mikeas, Mykeas, Micheas, but none of them feels quite right! (I want to avoid bringing to mind association with all the McKenzies, Makaylas, or even Mickey.)

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    My name is Micaela, properly pronounced it is the Spanish name mi-ka-YEL-ah. After four decades in the U.S. I can honestly say that there is no right way to spell my name such that English speakers will say, correctly, my Spanish name. I have spelled my name every possible way on paper and it doesn't work. People say Mckayla over and over again. I say aloud: mi-KA-YEL-lah. mi-KA-YEL-lah. They still forget and say McKayla. The ONLY people who pronounce my name correctly are my close friends & longtime colleagues, and all the Spanish speakers.

    No matter how you spell his name it will be mispronounced all the time, constantly. No matter what you say, you will have to correct people many times. A large number of English speakers can't get it at all.

    If you want to avoid the hassle, the frustration, the dreaded 8th time you correct the same person, their embarrassment, your weariness, every day....then give him an American name and a Spanish name. He can use his beautiful Spanish name when he is around Spanish speakers. Around English speakers he can use his English name.

    My hand on my heart, I want to give you the best advice I can. So that's my advice.
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    I really like the sound of Miqueas, and I like that I've never met one and yet it doesn't seem "out there".

    I'm an English and French speaker and I don't know if I would have gotten the right pronunciation on my own without you explaining it (I might have thought the "qu" made the "kw" sound - Mikwayus?), but since you did explain it, I see how it makes sense and I don't think I'd mess it up again.

    If you live in a part of the U.S. with a lot of Spanish speakers, I'd leave the spelling as it is and assume that a fair number of people would get it. If you don't, I would worry that it would be chronically misspelled and mispronounced - I have a pretty straightforward name of Irish/Scottish descent that is endlessly misspelled and once in awhile mispronounced. It turns out that people's collective grasp of what different vowels do is pretty tenuous, and I could see the "quea" in Miqueas being really difficult for a lot of people. Of the spelling variations you offer, intuitively I think Mikeas might be the easiest (reducing the number of vowels in a row should help). If people understood the functions of different accents more, I'd suggest Mikéas, but practically speaking I think that would just be more confusing. So I guess my vote, if you're asking about an anglicized spelling, is for Mikeas, and I definitely think most English speakers will mangle either spelling badly unless you live in an area with a lot of Spanish speakers.

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    I like the sound of Miqueas. Rather than butchering the spelling, I would choose a nickname that is more phonetically spelled/pronounced for English speakers. And have at the ready something like, "rhymes with Andreas," to say when people get tripped up.
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    it probably depends on where you live. We're in south Texas and even though I'm not Hispanic or speak Spanish I pronounced it in my head the same way you said it is mentioned. If you like it go for it.

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