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    Milk Coming In...

    Ok, so I know I'm going to sound stupid, but I had no idea that milk had to come in. I thought it was part of the birth package... My milk came in yesterday. Now I'm wondering how long it will be until I produce enough to really fill her up. Like how long until she can gain weight on my milk alone?
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    Hi! Congratulations!

    Do you get to have a visit with a lactation lady? That was really helpful for me. With James, I went in to see a lactation consultant at the hospital (it was like a women's boutique where they sold nursing bras, etc) on the Monday after he was born (he was born Thursday). Everything was much smoother after that.
    I think they would say something like this: if you are getting the appropriate number of wet/dirty diapers for her age, and she seems satiated after a feeding, she's getting enough.

    Does she seem fussy after you've put her to the breast? Are you feeling like the pressure on one side is relieved once she has nursed on that side?

    Edit: Sorry, forgot you're in China. they have lactation consultants there? Probably not, huh?

    I'm not very helpful, I apologize!
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    I don't know how much you know about this stuff

    It happens quickly, for the most part. In the first week they don't need much milk at all to start gaining weight. Many women have trouble producing enough though so you need to really count dirty/wet diapers for the first several weeks to make sure you're making enough & baby isn't getting dehydrated. The more they nurse the more you produce so just always let baby feed when she/he is hungry & that should be enough. You might get engorged & super sore breasts if you don't nurse frequently anyway, so a general rule of thumb is feed baby when she seems hungry or at least every 3 hours during the day. If you "cluster feed" at night (feed every hour or so from, say 6pm-10pm) then your baby might sleep longer stretches over night.
    If for whatever reason you are not making enough milk you might consider pumping for a few minutes after each feed because it tricks your body into thinking you have a REALLY hungry baby & your body tries harder to make more milk.

    As for weight gain, they usually lose some weight in the first few days but if they are feeding well they should be back up to their birth weight in 1.5 weeks. For the first month they tend to gain 2/3 to 1 ounce per day. The average breastfed baby doubles birth weight by 3-4 months. By one year they'll usually weigh about 2 1/2 – 3 times birth weight.
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    Your baby should ideally be fine with your milk or colostrum from the moment it's born. My babies both were at my breast constantly for the second day of their lives and my milk came in on the third day both times. Both my kids were awesome at gaining weight and we never needed to give them anything else. Some women do have issues with producing enough milk but I would assume unless she seems to be having issues that you're producing the right amount for her at this point. Newborn's bellies are incredibly small. How often will you see a pediatrician? We saw one the day after we came home from the hospital and that reassured me that they were gaining weight compared to what they weighed when we left the hospital.
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    Hooray! Glad to hear. It must be a relief.

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