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    Boy name trouble!

    OH and I have a long list of girls names that we both love; Lily, Ella, Violet, Poppy, Mia, Ellie. But of the UK top 500 names for boys there is not 1 name that we both like. Our name tastes are really similar but we just can't agree. I'm really struggling to just accept another name or have my OHs choice as a first and mine as a middle. Please can you help in any way? Thank you!

    OH choices - Marshall, Charlie, Jack, Jacob, Jake, James, Luke, Lucas, Lewis, Liam

    My choices - George, Noah, Harvey, Harry, Elijah, Frankie, Mason, Mitchell, Keaton, Edison, Hudson, Lincoln, Leo

    Names we can't use - Matthew, Michael, Jason, Shaun, Callum, Leon, Kieran, Shane, Jenson, Sam, Ollie, Ryan, Ben, Tom, Adam, Alex.

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    The first name that I thought of was Jonah. It's very similar to Noah, which is on your list, and your husband seems to favour "J" names, as well as Biblical names. Plus Jonah is an awesome name

    And what about Elliot? Elliot is the anglicized version of Elijah, which is on your list, and Elliot seems to fit both your styles too.
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    "Jacob George"
    Jack/Jacob/jake your OH basically chose the same name 3 times. You put George first so I will guess that you like George most.
    "James George"
    "Lucas George"

    "George Jacob"
    "George Marshall"
    "George Luke"

    "Harvey Marshall"
    "Harvey Charlie"
    "Harry Marshall"
    "Charlie Mitchell"
    "Mitchell Charlie"
    "Marshall Mason"
    "Marshall Mitchell"

    I haven't memorized the UK top 500 so forgive me if you've already said no to these names. Jamison, Jordan, Micah, Jasper, Caleb, Jeremy, Zachary, Marcus
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