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    My husband and I are constantly discussing names for a forth child, and I have a strong desire to name a girl after my mother - her name is Lucinda and she goes by Lucy.

    I really like Lucia as a name, but the correct pronunciation is Loo-shah or Loo-chee-ah, neither of which I like. I prefer Loo-see-ah, but I'm not sure this is even an appropriate pronunciation.

    So here are my questions:
    1) how would you pronounce Lucia?
    2) is Lucinda too heavy of a name for a baby?
    3) I like the french derivative 'Lucinde' - any thoughts?
    4) fancy middle name ideas?

    Our other children are Evan, Holden, and Maeve.

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    I like Lucy as a nn for Lucinda. I think Lucinda, and Lucy, are good with your sibset.

    Lucia can also be said LOOS-yah (I've heard Spanish speakers say this). Lucia, to me, is one of those names that presents a dreadful dilemma. I avoid saying these names aloud (Lucia, Adriana). Literally. Each person WITH the name said it differently than every other person with that name; each name has 3 or 4 pronunciations possible. So my probability of being incorrect & embarrassed were like 60-75% every time I said the name aloud. And it really hard for me to remember which pronunciation goes with which person. Sorry!

    Lucinde is pronounced [loo-SIND]? If so, I think it is lovely.

    Lucienne is French, and lovely and it is said: loo-SYEN

    Middle name ideas depend on which version you pick, I think, but some suggestions for middle for Lucinda are:

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    1) how would you pronounce Lucia? Loo-chi-ahh
    2) is Lucinda too heavy of a name for a baby? No definitely not! I love Lucinda with NN Lucy.
    3) I like the french derivative 'Lucinde' - any thoughts? It's pretty but I prefer Lucinda.
    4) fancy middle name ideas? Lucinda Claire, Lucinda Grace, Lucinda Rose

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    I pronunce Lucia Lu-see-ah

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    1. I would pronounce it Loo-chee-ah.
    2. No, Lucinda is lovely. I'd love to see it on a little girl.
    3. It's nice but I prefer Lucinda.
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    - Lucinda Claire
    - Lucia Fleur
    - Lucia Audrey
    - Lucia Catherine
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