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    Looking for a middle name that would go together well with the name Luther

    Hey everybody,

    I'm looking for a middle name that goes well with the first name Luther...I'm pretty open to anything, but I don't care for the name Clarence. Who knows, if we like the name enough, we might decide to go with it for a first name. Our last name is Koweh. Luther is my father's name, who is deceased. Our firstborn, Emmiline, is named after my husband's mother, who is also deceased, so we wanted our son to carry my deceased father's name. We are thinking Luther will be the first name, but again we are pretty open with switching it to a middle name. Thank You to anybody who is willing to help.


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    Luther is a very handsome name, and it goes quite nicely with Emmiline. Luther reminds me of someone charming and hard-working... salt-of-the-earth type. I think it would pair well with a more modern, trendy name or a word name.

    Luther William
    Luther Daniel
    Luther Quincy
    Luther Noah
    Luther Felix
    Luther Jackson
    Luther Gabriel
    Luther Grant
    Luther Eli
    Luther Charles
    Luther Adrian
    Luther Vincent
    Luther Maxwell
    Luther Marc
    Luther Caden
    Luther Tegan
    Luther Grady
    Luther Clark
    Luther Matteo
    Luther Silas
    Luther Paul
    Luther Talon
    Luther Apollo
    Luther Noble
    Luther Crispin
    Luther Sage
    Luther Grey

    For some reason, Luther sounds wonderful with Br- names...
    Luther Bradley
    Luther Bryce
    Luther Brian
    Luther Brady
    Luther Braham
    Luther Braxton
    Luther Breccan
    Luther Brock
    Luther Brody
    Luther Brooks
    Luther Brio
    If you ever have another girl, I love Emmiline, Luther, and Briony for you! Or if you want something more classical, Emmiline, Luther and Brigid.
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    Thank You so much to the ones who have responded so far...any other suggestions are welcome. I can't wait to show my husband these suggestions when I get off of work this evening.


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