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    So you have 6 kids and 6 pets.

    Your oldest is a girl and she is sporty ,her name starts with a 'c'.
    Celeste Azalea (10)

    She has a pet bunny, its name is a plant.

    Your second is a boy. He loves to draw and loves animals.
    Edwin James (8)

    He has three goldfish, they are all named after a fruits or candy bars.
    Peaches, Strawberry, & Kiwi

    You have another girl, she is very sweet and loves to be like her oldest sister.
    Felicity Anne (5)

    You have a male golden retriever...

    You have twins, a boy and a girl...they are just young but they love to play together.
    Cedric William & Daphne Violet (4)

    You have a baby, a girl, she giggles and smiles a lot!
    Louisa Emily

    You have a male cat you rescued from a shelter.
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    DD: Cecilia Harlow
    Bunny: Pepper
    DS: Sawyer Beau
    Goldfish: Kumquat
    Goldfish: Kitkat
    Goldfish: Crunchie
    DD: Eleanor Luna
    Golden Retriever: Pringle
    DS/DD: Salem Augustus and Alice Lydia
    DD: Leonie Gwendoline
    Cat: Soupy

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    Mum to Ezekiel Andrew

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    Clio Jane and her bunny Juniper
    Christopher Luke "Kit" and his goldfish Star (as in starfruit), Apple, and Clementine
    Celia Mabel
    the dog, Lemonade "ade"
    Caspian August "Casper" and Clara Anastasia "Claire"
    Cosette Elinor
    Finally, the cat, Fabulous or "Fabby"

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    DD: Cassidy Rose
    DS: Bennett Dean
    DD: Emerson Drew
    DS/DD: Foster Knox and Hadley Jane
    DD: Norah Erin

    Bunny: Clover
    Fish: Hershey, Zero and M&M
    Dog: Bandit
    Cat: Salem

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