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    To theme, or not to theme?

    As I bide my time until we can TTC again I'm dreaming of our future "sibset". How terrible is a middle name theme?

    We have one sweet 8 month old, Catherine Lark. Long before Catherine was named, my boy name was decided(years before.) It's Theodore Peregrine. My husband has even conceded, which is big. I didn't make the connection at the time, definitely wasn't a planned theme. Bad name nerd! Obviously this is only an issue if I have a boy, but after considering the issue for a while I started thinking of girl names...and now have a whole flock of future children in mind.
    If we don't do a bird theme, middle names would likely be nature, or obscure whimsical antiques.

    If it matters, here are some examples so you can gauge how cheesy this cheese is.

    Lydia Sparrow
    Beatrix Paloma
    Theodore Peregrine
    Edmund Halcyon


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    I actually love this idea, and I'm not usually a fan of themed names! Giving my twins names that started with the same letter was pushing it for me. This idea though is very subtle and unique. Lark and Sparrow are obvious to pick out as birds, but the others would take prior knowledge and all your names are honestly wonderful. I say go for it!

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    Subtle themes are okay-- I would leave a door open for your theme to become a nature theme in case of more children, so you won't feel any pressure to choose more birds- especially if that should get old at some point.

    A friend of mine tied herself into a too-strict theme, and the more children she had, the more pressure she felt to keep it up- so that no child would feel "left out."

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    I don't think it's cheesy. I think a name like Peregrine is obscure enough that the connection is actually pretty subtle. I love nature names in the middle, and I don't think you'd have to stick with birds specifically either. Animal names or even just nature names would fit in.

    Catherine Lark is gorgeous btw. All of your combos are lovely.
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    Thank you, everyone! I guess for now I'll let myself indulge in more bird related names, but not rule out other options. That's what part of my hesitation was, that I'd name #2 with the bird theme, and then fall in love with a name that doesn't "fit". It's funny because I act like I'm having a dozen babies .
    Catherine Lark May 2015
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