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    @Hannah93, guess I'm not the only person that likes the names Whiskey & Chardonnay!!

    @Lexlem, interesting points... I think I like these names because they seem "free-spirited" (no pun intended :-/ )... I also like their sound...moreover, Whiskey symbolizes a "wild heart" juxtaposed with tradition/ refinement and Chardonnay sounds elegant to me and evokes images of a happy summer picnic etc - so, I think as sibset names they're charming, whimsical and have a "vintage" air (which I like in names)...

    But perhaps, they're more charming as adult names...I agree with other NBs & yourself that as children's names they might not be appropriate...and they do seem strange name choices considering I generally don't like the taste of alcohol & enjoy a healthy maybe I could add Whiskey as a middle name instead?

    Re Vodka, I'm not so attracted to it as a sounds "disjointed", don't you think?

    Thanks !!
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    I would be willing to bet money that the entire school, every other parent, and all the summer camp community would think you are an alcoholic.

    It's the kind of thing where even if you say you are not an alcoholic, nobody would believe you because of what you named your kids!

    Seriously, a social worker could come knocking at your door because Chardonnay or Whiskey had a fight at school. Because their names point directly at a dysfunctional, alcoholic parent and so the scrutiny of their behavior (and yours) by the school would be more intense than usual.
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    A boy named Whiskey is a Hank III song waiting to happen. Please, please, please never bestow Whiskey or Chardonnay on an innocent human being.

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    Oh my goodness.

    I find it odd that you even need to ask if they're inappropriate....yes, of course they are!

    Honestly, as nasty as it sounds, I'd ask if they have siblings named Stella and Jack Daniels.

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    I'm sorry, but it's not even feasible....maybe for novel characters?
    Mireille (the ay sound)
    Charlotte/Charlie {char}

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