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    I can see their appeal (in terms of sound- I've never drunk a day in my life), but one of those names on its own is bad enough, let alone a sibset. Definitely inappropriate for a child or an adult, and it doesn't give them anything to live up to. I think the NB description for Chardonnay is quite perfect in this case. I adore 'out-there' names, many that would be considered 'cruel', but this is too much, even for me. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, I'm not trying to be mean, so I'm really sorry if it comes across that way .

    The above posters suggestion is a good idea, or maybe you could pick similar sounding names:

    Girls: Chardon, Chantilly, Chakra, Chandi, Chantasia, Chantela, Chantez, Chara, Charamy, Chari, Charity, Charlita, Charlotta, Chava, etc.

    Boys: Whistler, Whittaker, Whitman, Wisdom, Wilbur, Wilfred, Wilkie, Win, etc.
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    Well i like both of these beverages and still don't see the appeal. it's just wrong, to name actual people like that.

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    Thanx for everyone's very sensible response lol...I still love the names though...maybe it's a passing phase...we'll see...btw, I also like the name Scotch for a boy... maybe I should relegate these names to 'guilty pleasure'... but not yet... I'm not feeling guilty about liking them. Cheers
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    Yes IMO the names are 100% inappropriate for children they are alcoholic beverages not childrens names. Although that being said I have meet a girl named Chardonnay before and according to my mother when my brother was born there was a baby in there named Whiskey (and no I am not joking I've heard her mention this story quite a few times. I actually feel sorry for the kid). I guess they could be okay guilty pleasure names and okay names for pets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hydra View Post
    [...] After research, though, I found the real meanings of Chardonnay and Whiskey.

    Chardonnay comes from Cardonnacum, which is Medieval Latin for "a place with thistles", coming form also Latin carduus, meaning thistle.

    Whiskey comes from the Gaelic word(s) uisce/uisge, which mean "water".

    So maybe you could use something with similar meanings?
    How about Vodka instead of Whiskey? Vodka is the diminutive form of Voda = water. (or so I hear).... lol....

    I agree with pp.’s I think as pet’s names they work for people I’d avoid them. Especially if you are into clean living - people will just think you’re a lush, a bartender or a distiller/brewer/etc.

    Question: Do you like Chardonnay or Wiskey on it’s own? Or just this as a sibset? I feel like if you like each name on it’s own you might want to figure out what you like about it and look for a name with a similar feel..if you just like them as a sibset - I wouldn’t necessarily bother. Unless you were having twins how often does one name a whole sibset at once?
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