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    Nickname for girl named after her mom?

    So, my DF and I made a deal: he gets to name our firstborn. His choice for a boy is the name I already wanted to use (Luis Alexander) after him, his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, ect.

    His choice for a girl? Bailey Ann, which is my given name. The fact that he wants to use my name is adorable and sweet and touches my heart.

    I actually go by Bailey and not Bailey Ann, so it's an option, but I'm trying to think of some cute nicknames for her. Any suggestions? (Can be a combo of Bailey Ann, a variation on either name, ect. We like quirky and odd, so go creative!)
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    Bay? Leann? That's all I've got.

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    Bay would be adorable, and I think would be a perfect way to distinguish your daughter from yourself without taking away the connection. Bailey Ann "Bay" is golden.

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    Ann, Lee and Bay are the most straightforward options... here's a few other ideas (this is tough!)

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    It's a bit of stretch, but what about Ayla? You take the 'Ail' from Bailey and A from Ann. It should be spelt Aila, but I think Ayla looks better. Alia might work also.

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