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    Perfect Sibsets!

    List names that you think would make wonderful sibsets.
    They don't have to be on your list, you don't even have to like the individual names but they should make you go: "these are perfect together"!
    Can you think of any?

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    I don't have a lot of these since I find sibsets harder to think of than combinations, but here are mine:

    Isla and Freya
    Scarlett and Eloise
    Magdalena "Lena" and Séverine
    Althea and Athénaïs (this might be cheating a little since this is a celebrity sibset as the children of Italian actress Isabella Orsini, but I think they're perfect together)
    Eulalia "Lula" and Valentina

    Max and Alfie
    Thomas and Joseph
    Balthasar "Star" and Lazarus
    George and Henry
    Viggo and Laszlo
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    Clara and Shirley
    Isabel and Marion
    Catherine, Beatrice, Elizabeth and Margaret
    Anna and Laura
    Nua, Mia and Calra
    Aisling and Bianca
    Catherine and Mae
    Katelyn and Madeleine

    and here are some real-life sibsets that I think are just perfect:
    Thomas and Anna (Tom and Annie)
    Victoria and Adelaide
    Taylor and Madison
    Cornelia - Apolline - Louisa - Rosemary - Patricia - Evangeline - Clara - Edith - Mireille - Grace - Aisling - Shirley - Elodie

    Gilbert - Ronan - Patrick - Roger - Winston - Leopold - Benjamin - Hamish - Clovis - Sage - Saxon - Billy - Jonas

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    I saw this sibset while perusing the UK Telegraph BA's one day and I've always thought they go together perfectly.

    Stanley Robert Edward, Jasper Ignatius Michael, Rufus William Edmund and Benedict Henry Montague.
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    Percy - Ezra - Reuben - Albert

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