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    My top names are all over the place right now.

    Elizabeth Lake
    Rose Locklyn
    Blythe Lorelei
    Alice Micheline
    Isobel Bay
    Cornelia Fleur
    Sarah Winter
    TTC 2017

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    Mine are also in my signature, but my number one for many years has been Kimimela, shortened to Kimi or Kim. In fact, not to detract from this post, but if you were so inclined to reply to my thread:

    Favorite combos right now (I think) are Kimimela Grace; Kimimela Summer; Kimimela Eden; and Kimimela Hope.

    My second absolute LOVE is Daenerys Jasmine. Cue Khaleesi bashing and squawking about how it's from Game of Thrones and how can you think of naming your kid a "made up" name like that. Don't care. I love it.
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    deciding between Maxwell . Calvin . Finn

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    Elena 'Laney' | Bridget | Cordelia | Evadne | Shea

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    My favourite name is Pandora (the combo is in my sig.), but I've managed to end up with 43 (and counting) top girls names. I'm not going to list them all, but they're all in the 'Little Misses' link in my signature, combos included. Have fun!
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    My absolute favourite girls names are in my signature:

    In short:
    Vesper Novella Pearl
    Elke Esmeralda Snow
    Nanetta Yuki Florence
    Rowena Fern
    Artemis Opal Owl
    Cappi Theodora Sun
    Dagny Petra Florence
    Oona Owl
    Mary Max
    Frances Henriette
    Theodora Happy
    Edwige Noble Garnet
    Flora Noble / Flora Clemency
    Alberta Benilde
    Lolly Agnes
    Bunny Maude
    Ginger Maude
    Birdie Valo
    Lumi Faye

    Long Version: (some have personal meaning, but I adore all of the names)
    Vesper Novella Pearl: Vesper means 'evening prayer', relating to vespera's. Novella's are a type of story, and as a writer, this is very important to me. Pearl is beautiful, and the connotations of preciousness are lovely.

    Elke Esmeralda Snow: my great grandmother's name was Yuki, which means 'snow', which is also a symbol of purity and innocence. I love the symbolism of emeralds: tranquility, hope, wisdom, love, faith, etc. Elke means 'noble', and I just love all the names.

    Nanetta Yuki Florence: Nanetta is a diminutive of Ann, my mother's name, which means 'grace'. I also called her mother 'nana'. Yuki is the name of my great grandmother, from Japan, who I never had the chance to meet, but I always heard the most wonderful stories about her kindness and love. Florence is due to the middle name of my other great grandmother, Edith Flora, and because she was born in Florence, Italy.

    Rowena Fern

    Artemis Opal Owl: Artemis was my first name love, from the age of 5. I always admired her as a mythological character. My Nana used to love opal's, and every birthday, she would give me a small opal from her collection. I love their symbolism as well. Owl's are beautiful, and I love their symbolism of wisdom, which relates to my own name (Sophie), though that wasn't intentional.

    Cappi Theodora Sun: Cappi is related to Caprice, which (among other meanings) is a sort of lively, energetic piece of music. Theodora means 'gift of god', and Sun is a reminder to let them know that they are their own little light, and that they will always be the light of my life.

    Dagny Petra Florence: Dagny is for Dagny Taggart, a literary character I highly admire. Petra honours my grandfather, Peter, and Florence is for my great grandmother, Edith Flora.

    Oona Owl

    Mary Max: I love the meaning of Max (greatest), and there are lots of Mary's throughout my family.

    Frances Henriette: Frances means 'free man', the same meaning as Charles, the first name of my grandfather, Charles Peter. Henriette is just cool .

    Theodora Happy: Happy is a constant reminder of everything I want my child to be.

    Edwige Noble Garnet: Edwige means 'warrior', and garnet's are a symbol of protection and creativity. Overall, this name means: Noble Warrior of Protection.

    Flora Noble: For my great grandmother, Edith Flora.

    Alberta Benilde: 'bright noble blessing.'

    Lolly Agnes: 'pure peace'

    Bunny Maude

    Ginger Maude

    Birdie Valo: 'bird of light / messenger of light.'

    Lumi Faye: 'fairy of light.' or 'fairy of snow.' (lovely honorary for Yuki).
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