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    Smile Thoughts on my Name List?

    Hey Berries!
    Here is a list of my favorite names and I would love it if you could be brutally honest about them. I'm not pregnant, I just wanted to know what you thought!


    Romola "Romoly"
    Jean Louise "Scout"
    Beatrice "Bea"
    Sylvia "Sylvie"
    Samantha "Sam"
    Hannelore "Lore"
    Minerva "Mini"


    Mattias "Matty"
    Matthew "Matty"
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    Being BRUTALLY honest:

    Frances - there are better names
    Romola - I feel sorry for the kid
    Jean Louise "Scout" - copy cat / very uncreative
    Vesper - the vehicle
    Saoirse - after years I finally figure out how to say this (and remember it)
    Cecily - feels rushed, as if I ran out of time to say Cecilia
    Jane - okay
    Beatrice - alright
    Merida - the Disney movie, it's a nice name though
    Sylvia "Sylvie" - choose either Sylvia or Sylvie, they're both established name / doesn't sound like a children's name
    Samantha - boring
    Lucy - fantastic / short but a lot of personality
    Isolda - okay
    Hannelore - nonononononononono / I'd feel really sorry for the child
    Mary - nice
    Josephine - okay but prefer Josefine
    Gemma - nice
    Hayley - trendy
    Freya - not a fan
    Harper - okay
    Minerva - sounds a bit old ladyish
    Eleanor - great
    Elizabeth - fantastic
    Emma - lovely
    Amelia - great
    Adeline - depends on the pronunciation
    Sophie - really nice
    Sansa - not a fan


    Jem - okay
    Mattias - alright
    Rory - great
    Julian - nice
    Arthur - fantastic
    Kit - Kat
    Henry - brilliant
    Oliver - thumbs up
    William - a bit boring but nice
    Joseph - a bit old
    Matthew - a bit boring
    Benjamin - not a fan but I like Ben
    Simon - the mean judge / not a fan
    Nathan - not a fan
    Shilah - not a fan

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    Exclamation You did ask for brutally honest, so be warned!

    Frances - Sounds dated on a girl, but fresh on a boy
    Romola "Romoly" - Sounds like Roly-poly, much prefer Ramona "Romy".
    Jean Louise "Scout" - Trying too hard to be cool!
    Vesper - Scooter
    Saoirse - No-one will ever be able to pronounce it!
    Cecily - Sounds incomplete, prefer Cecelia
    Jane - Plain and boring
    Beatrice "Bea" - So cute! Love the nn Bea and also Bean/Beanie!
    Merida - Disney
    Sylvia "Sylvie" - Sylvie is not a nickname, it's a distinct name in its own right (same with Sophia and Sophie, bugs the hell out of me!) Sylvia is dated, Sylvie is beautiful!
    Samantha "Sam" - Dated
    Lucy - Cute, but popular!
    Isolda - Do not like that it has the word "old" in it!
    Hannelore "Lore" - Too Germanic
    Mary - Plain and boring
    Josephine - Cute, love the nicknames Joey, Joss and Josie!
    Gemma - Dated
    Hayley - Dated and trendy
    Freya - Way too popular and trendy! (though that may be a UK thing)
    Harper - Prefer it on a boy, but it's alright
    Minerva "Mini" - Cute, but I do instantly think HP
    Eleanor - Love, so classic and elegant!
    Elizabeth - Love, but popular - can be made more unique by a more unusual nickname
    Emma - Dated
    Amelia - Too popular
    Adeline - This one is growing on me, but I really dislike nn Addie
    Sophie - Love (but then I am one, so I'm biased!) May be overshadowed by all the Sophia's around though!
    Sansa - Dislike

    Favourites - Beatrice, Sylvie, Josephine, Eleanor, Elisabeth and Sophie.

    Jem - LOVE!, but I prefer it as a nickname for James or Jeremy/Jeremiah
    Mattias "Matty" - Love when pronounced Ma-tee-us, but nn Matty, whilst cute, takes away from the uniqueness of the name; I prefer it in full.
    Rory - Love this, so cute! I'm a little unsure how well it ages, but it seems to work alright for the golfer!
    Julian - LOVE!
    Arthur - LOVE, wish it wasn't #52 here . It would work well in the US though!
    Kit - Like as a nickname for Christian or Beckett, but insubstantial on its own
    Henry - LOVE! again, its popularity here sucks!
    Oliver - LOVE! again, popularity!
    William - Dated
    Joseph - Dated
    Matthew "Matty" - Dated
    Benjamin - Cute, but I prefer Bennett or Benedict; I really dislike nn Ben though
    Simon - Simon Cowell
    Nathan - Cute, but I prefer Nathaniel
    Shilah - Dislike

    Favourites - Jem (as nn for Jeremy), Rory, Julian, Arthur, Henry and Oliver

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    Frances- Love!
    Romola "Romoly"- Okay, kind of reminds me of Granola.
    Jean Louise "Scout"- Not a fan. I don't understand the nn.
    Vesper- Not a fan, reminds me of the vehicle
    Saoirse- Okay, but I'm not a fan of 'sh' sounds in names
    Cecily- Okay, but all I can hear is 'so silly' after a joke I heard, I prefer Thessaly
    Jane- Love! (Because of character associations)
    Beatrice "Bea"- Love! I'm not a huge fan of Bea.
    Merida- Really nice
    Sylvia "Sylvie"- I really like Sylvia
    Samantha "Sam"- Okay
    Lucy- Okay, but I know too many
    Isolda- I like it, but I slightly prefer Isolde, which I say the same as Isolda.
    Hannelore "Lore"- Really not a fan. Sounds a bit like a fantasy land/villain
    Mary- I'm not sure about Mary. I like some of the character associations I have, but I dislike the 'mare' sound.
    Josephine- I've never been a fan of the -een ending
    Gemma- I prefer Jenna, but it's nice.
    Hayley- I must admit I only like this because I love Paramore and Hayley Williams from said band
    Freya- I'm really starting to love Freya.
    Harper- I actually prefer this for a boy
    Minerva "Mini"- I like the mythological connection, but not the 'nerva' bit, Mini is adorable.
    Eleanor- Really like
    Elizabeth- Love (mostly because of Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice)
    Emma- Okay, but so popular
    Amelia- Love (mostly because of Amelia Pond from Doctor Who)
    Adeline- Quite nice
    Sophie- I know way too many Sophias/Sophies
    Sansa- It's interesting, I'm not sure if I like or dislike it


    Jem- I like this
    Mattias "Matty"- I quite like it, but for some reason, I prefer Matty/Mattie as a nn for a girl.
    Rory- Love! (Again Doctor Who character)
    Julian- Love!
    Arthur- Love!
    Kit- Okay
    Henry- Okay
    Oliver- Okay
    William- I like it (character association again), but popular
    Joseph- I have bad associations I can't shake at the moment
    Matthew "Matty"- Okay, I have a bit of soft spot for Matthew
    Benjamin- I like it, but popular
    Simon- Okay, I prefer Simeon
    Nathan- I've never been a fan of Nathan or Nate. I only like Nathaniel
    Shilah- Nms
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    Ok, brutally honest it is!


    Frances - I love Frances. So classic and simple.
    Romola "Romoly" - I usually like Ro names like Romy, Ramona, Romilly, but Romola/Romoly is kind of unattractive to me (sorry!!). Like "mole" and "rolypoly."
    Jean Louise "Scout" - I don't really understand the appeal of this name. The association is nice, but a little goofy in real life, imo.
    Vesper - I like this! It's very streamlined. Like a female Jasper.
    Saoirse - Pretty! Hard to guess the pronunciation, though, if someone is unfamiliar with it.
    Cecily - Beautiful.
    Jane - The one Jane I've met, I wasn't very fond of, so that puts me off a little. I feel like a real life Jane would have to be kind of glamorous to make up for the "plain Jane" stereotype.
    Beatrice "Bea" - NMS. It feels kind of fusty to me, but could be ok I suppose.
    Merida - Very Pixar's Brave.
    Sylvia "Sylvie" - Sylvie feels fresher to me than Sylvia, but both are pretty!
    Samantha "Sam" - I have mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand it feels pretty dated, but I also think of the American Girl Samantha whom I loved as a little girl. And I think the nickname Sam is so cute.
    Lucy - This is my name, and I love it. There are a lot of literary Lucys--Chronicles of Narnia, Peanuts, the recent Lego time I went to the library, sort of randomly picked up four different books, and all of them contained characters named Lucy. I get a huge kick out of that. The only downside is that it is getting fairly popular.
    Isolda - Kind of reminds me of something like Hilda, which I don't like. I like Isolde better--fresher and more linked to mythology.
    Hannelore "Lore" - How do you pronounce this? Hannah-type names are NMS, but this one has a really interesting look to it. She would definitely be the only one in her class! And Lore is a pretty epic nn.
    Mary - I really like Mary. It's so elegant in a rustic sort of way.
    Josephine - Trendy but pretty!
    Gemma - I really like the simplicity of Gemma. I don't really care for the sound (I don't like the double M) but that's just a taste thing and I do think it is pretty. Gem is a cute nn.
    Hayley - Kind of dated? But that doesn't bother me, I think Hayley is lovely. She's the heroine of Diana Wynne Jones' novella The Game which makes me like the name a lot more. And I think this spelling is prettier than some of the other ones out there.
    Freya - Beautiful. Familiar but not overly popular.
    Harper - I like Harper. I also like Harley.
    Minerva "Mini" - I feel like Minerva would be a little odd in real life. I like the sound of Athena better. Mini is cute, but I would spell it Minnie.
    Eleanor - Very lovely. I also like Elinor.
    Elizabeth - My sister's name; I think it's gorgeous. Can't go wrong with Elizabeth.
    Emma - The double M just bothers me somehow. Like some people pronounce it "Em Ma" and I don't like that at all.
    Amelia - I love Amelia.
    Adeline - Seems a little trendy, and it's NMS, but I like the nn Addie. The pronunciation kind of confuses me too. Does it end in line or lyn? It just looks like a less interesting version of Adelaide.
    Sophie - I love Sophie. All the Sophie's I've known have been just lovely people.
    Sansa - Very Game of Thrones. If it weren't for that, though, I kinda like it. It's peppy and reminds me of Sasha, which I also like.


    Jem - Too short and too similar to Jim for me. Jeremy is nice.
    Mattias "Matty" - NMS, but an attractive variation from Matthew.
    Rory - So cute. Makes me think immediately of Doctor Who though (and I don't even watch DW).
    Julian - I like Julian!
    Arthur - I love Arthur very much.
    Kit - Thanks to the American Girl, this is forever a girls' name to me. I have read it as a nn for Christopher, which I kind of like.
    Henry - NMS but it's very handsome. There are a ton of little Henry's, however.
    Oliver - This is so classy.
    William - Very classic and handsome. (And a tad boring...but Billy and Willy are cute as nn's.)
    Joseph - I don't like nn Joe but Joseph is nice. And a little more unexpected than William or Matthew.
    Matthew "Matty" - NMS really, but again, very classic and solid and would be easy for a boy to wear.
    Benjamin - NMS--same as Matthew & William
    Simon - A bit more off-road than William, Matthew, and Benjamin, so I think it is a pleasant surprise to hear on a kid.
    Nathan - NMS. I think all these older classic boy names, are names you couldn't go wrong with. But I'm not a huge fan of the sound of any of them and they would be one of a million other boys with the same name.
    Shilah - Ooh, I don't think I like this. It's too much like girl's names Shiloh or Selah.
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