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    Thank you all, your suggestions are wonderful. I'll get back to you soon, as I'm on my not so fancy phone right now. Anymore suggestions?
    Jude, blackbird.

    Teddy * Alma * Marian * Frances * Amra * Donovan

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    Audrey Lou Miranda and India Lou Samantha sound nice, of those names in your signature.

    In thinking about other combos, I realise Lou is difficult to pair with a first (seems to work best with a two-syllable first) and also that the second middle name needs to be three-syllables for everything to flow well. The nicest one I came up with was Amity Lou.

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    I absolutely adore Lou with Victorian era nickname names: Percy Lou, Kitty Lou, Vinnie Lou, Winnie Lou, Minnie Lou, Billie Lou, Mittie Lou, Cappi Lou, that sort of thing, and I also adore Lou as a boys name.

    Mary Lou Pearl
    Oona Lou Opal
    Mamie Lou Fern
    Flora Lou Faye
    Nemy Lou Dune
    Minta Lou Dorothy / Minta Lou Faye
    Rosemary Lou Clemence
    Clemency Lou Garnet
    Esther Lou Snow
    Petra Lou Bee / Bea
    Kitty Lou Elspeth
    Billie Lou Mavis
    Mary Lucienne / Esther Mirabelle / Camellia Edie / Raphaela Mercy / Anouk Evangeline / Francesca Seraphim / Josephine Dove / Ida Annabelle / Shalom Odelia / Bethlehem Dominica / Lydia Tibeldie / Susanna Daisy / Jane Bloom / Willa Jessamine
    Amias Gardener / Moses Bellamy / Caspian Matthias / George Pello / Bertie Psalm / Quiller Andrew / Ezekiel Callahan / Nathaniel Charles

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    I like Haley Lou.

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