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    Quote Originally Posted by saracita00 View Post
    Yay! I thought those might be your favorites. OK so about the twin names: I think both are nice individually, and if you're into matching twin names, they are far and away better than ANYTHING on the most-popular twin names list (the #1 set is Ella and Emma. Commence weeping with me). Personally, I'd be much more likely to name twins Azula and Indira, as opposed to Esperanza and Elowen. So, it's hard for me to totally love them as a set, though objectively I can recognize that they are pretty cool as far as matching twin names go.

    If I were going to be really nitpicky, I'd have to agree that Elowen Willow goes too far as a repeating-sound combo, just because there's nothing new in Willow that Elowen doesn't already have. Esperanza Hazel repeats the Z and the short-E, but nothing else. To do a matching twin set with Esperanza Hazel, I think I'd pull the long-O from Elowen which is the most notable internal sound. That is -- the O of Elowen corresponds to the Z of Esperanza, see what I mean? I'd suggest Elowen Magnolia to complete the set.

    If I get time, I'll play with some more combos and, of course, keep the ideas coming on suggestions for other names.

    P.S. My mom gave my 5-year-old a stuffed animal cat yesterday. She named it Zarina, inspired by the Tinkerbell movie. Haha!

    Oops. I must be losing it. I didn't even think about them starting with the same letter. I hate that, actually. Haha, I was just thinking I might have gone over the line with the repetitive sounds & trees-for-middle names. Which apparently I did - Magnolia does work better.

    Also, that is a rad name your 5yo chose for her cat, she has fine taste.
    Over here, Azula has misplaced her stuffed Eeyore & you'd think she'd lost her firstborn.
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    Well, Magnolia is a kind of tree, too. It's just more associated with its flower. I don't think the theme went over the top, it's just that Elowen and Willow have so many of the same sounds.

    Delphine (is this too ocean-themed?)
    Fiammetta (have I already suggested this one? It means "fiery")

    Duh...I forgot I have a user list of nature names for boys.

    Other boy names:

    Ender Linden Devereaux

    Rufus Ender Erickson

    Ozias Erickson Zephyr

    Ignatius Peregrine Jade

    Atlas Caspian Zane

    Atlas Erickson Fox

    Eleni Willow

    Winslet Acacia

    Junia Ruby

    Willow Zafira (okay, I put the nature name up front, but the combo was so cool)

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    Looks like it's a girl!

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