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    @ Sorceress, Corey loves Onyx! I can't get on board with it (even though I'm a bit of a geology nerd) cause of the Pokemon. He would probably like Cosmo, but I would forever think of Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld. I'm adding Altair to the list cause I love Altair Orion but I think I still like Atlas better as a fn. Your combos are great, especially Rufus Mercury & Heathcliff Sterling.

    @ Saracita00, the more I see Ozias the more I like it! My favourite of your boy combos so far has to be Orson Rudyard Crane. So many Rs! Gorgeous! And Esperanza Hazel & Elowen Gaia are woooonderful. OK now I'm thinking this: What about TWIN GIRLS, Esparanza Hazel & Elowen Willow. Hahaha is that just over the line matchy and pathetic? Cause I kinda like it.

    @ Jacquigirl - Thanks for your suggestions! I like Lilith but probably wouldn't use it cause, you know. Jericho is a new one, I like it - there is a beach here in Vancouver called Jericho Beach so it doubles as a nature name for us, kind of. Too bad I hate Jer & Jerry.

    @ December901 - Thanks! I just added Roux to my boys' list! Not sure most of your other choices really do it for me - I do like Marina but my mom's name is Mary & we have honoured her with Rosemary already so I probably should steer clear of Mary related names. I love Zinnia Ruby but worry Zinnia is too close in sound to Azula.
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    Azula Rosemary
    Indira Coral
    & Osiris Mercury James

    Freyja Moon / Athena Juniper / Elowen Ruby

    Atlas Cedar Jade / Fox Hawthorne Charles

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    Considering I don't have any, this would be my first child or twins. If I were giving birth right now and had to choose a name this instant? A tough one. The safe, fine, appropriate in family context names or the names I absolutely love? There are many usable options.

    Bryony and/or Caroline

    Casey and/or Zachary "Zach"
    Baby Due in October!

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