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    Best Androgynous Names

    Lately I've been thinking that it's really wrong to give someone a name that announces to the world the shape of their genitalia, so I've been thinking about androgynous/unisex names.

    The trouble is, no matter how many toddler girls named Ryan I met, I can't think of Ryan as an androgynous name. And Ryans are only one of many names like that.

    And some more androgynous names are surnames - that makes sense, right? There are some cultures where there are feminine and masculine forms of surnames, but at least in English, surnames are part of everyone's name, regardless of gender. But for the most part, I can't say I really like surnames being used at first names.

    And nicknames. Franky's a fine nickname, but I do think Francesca or Franklin (I know Franklin is a surname/firstname, but since it's been used as a first name for over 100 years, it doesn't strike me the same way and anyways this isn't about my opinion of the name Franklin anyways) are better full names. Nicknames are great and wonderful, but I'm talking about androgynous full names.

    What are your favorite androgynous names?

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    I agree! Although I love Lucy and Henry, it is kind of wrong to give someone a name that declares their gender.

    On either sex, I like:

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    There are very few unisex names that I like for BOTH genders... In fact I can't really think of one.

    However these are some unisex names I would use on a boy:
    Sidney / Sydney

    And on girls:
    Casey / Kacey
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    I have a thing for one syllable names, so: Keat, Teal, Tal, Jazz, Pax, Seal and Coy

    Also: Cobie, Tristan, Malachi, Micah and Alfie

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    I think Phoenix, Devon, Harley, Morgan, Tiegan & Reagan are names that can be used for both sexes..

    However I personally would say for boys

    Phoenix, Hunter, Logan, Harley, Ashton, Bailey & A few others

    And for girls i would use names like

    Peyton, Reese, Teagan/Tiegan, Piper, Madison, Emerson (with Emery as a nn)

    I dont see Ryan as a girls name... it appears to be odd to me..

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