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Thread: Wdyt of...

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    Wdyt of...

    I came across the name Stana.. As in Stana Katic (the beautiful Kate Beckett on Castle). I pronounce it Staw-na. I really like Stana Primrose and Stana Elaine... Wdyt?
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    I actually really like it! It's quite hot lol! And that's definitely not a bad thing : )

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    I shy away from names where (I assume) many people will mishear. Stana (Shawna?)

    This is why I can't get behind Samara (Tamara) Alivia (Olivia) Everly (Beverly) Zadie (Sadie) and my GP love Tulia (Julia)

    However, I think I'm from a different generation that knows women of the misheard names.
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    I saw it and immediately thought it would be stan - ah
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    I really like it but I'm also concerned that many people will mispronounce it.
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