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    What names have you used?

    I was just wondering for those of you who have kids or pets (they're family, too!), what are their names?

    My kids....
    Solomon Grey
    Mabel Susannah
    Agnes Jewel
    Edmund Wilder

    My pets....
    Dog - Posy
    Dog - Bronte
    Horse - Mozart

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    i remember your kids names from the other day. did you mix them into your lists of combos to see what kind of response they got? luckily for me, i think they were all on my 'like' list. phew
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    Amias Jude | Callum Jasper | Cato Benjamin | Emmett Wilder | Griffin Emrys | Lucian Mateo | Milo Sebastian | Nathaniel Winter | Quentin Rafferty | Theo Francis Wolf

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    Heehee! Yes, I did. I have a pretty thick skin when it comes to my kids names, though, so ill opinions don't really phase me. Baby naming is such a personal style that there will always be those who are over the moon about your kids' names and those who are appalled by those same names.

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    I named my cat Meadow.

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    I really like your kid's names. My daughter is Scout. My golden retriever is Gertrude / Grrrty. My (somewhat mean, somewhat sweet) black cat is Abracadabra. We don't really have a single style going on.
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