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    Need opinions and suggestions on baby girl name

    So I'm trying to decide what to name my future daughter. I have decided on her middle name, Arabella-Rose. Her last name is May. So I was thinking Elisabeth Arabella-Rose May. Elena Arabella-Rose May. Those are the only two ones I could come up with. What do y'all think? Feel free to give me other name ideas that go with ----- Arabella-Rose May. Thanks so much! (:

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    I love Elena! There's also the lovely Helena.
    I find Elisabeth Arabella-Rose a bit... busy I guess. There's nothing wrong with it and it may not be an issue since most people's middle names don't get used a lot, it just seems like a lot of syllables.

    Also, just FYI, Elizabeth May is a Canadian politician, the leader of the Green Party. Not a bad association (IMO), just thought you might like to be aware of it.

    Some other suggestions:

    Fiona Arabella-Rose May
    Ruby Arabella-Rose May
    Eliza Arabella-Rose May (similar to Elizabeth but a bit shorter)
    Hannah Arabella-Rose May
    Leah Arabella-Rose May
    Lucy Arabella-Rose May
    Katherine Arabella-Rose May
    Maria Arabella-Rose May
    Eden Arabella-Rose May

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    Elizabeth Arabella May is a gorgeous name, but the Rose seems to throw off the entire flow of the name. Elena is dated IMO, and flows poorly with Arabella.
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    Yes, Elisabeth Arabella-Rose is a little busy. I'm just not sure yet if Elena Arabella-Rose flows well. And I don't want people to associate the name elena with that vampire diaries show. I love your suggestions btw. Katherine Arabella-Rose is pretty!

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    Really want to keep the middle name Arabella-Rose in honor of my two sisters who have passed away. Any suggestions of names that will go with it? (:

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