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    I actually started to shy away from Beatrix because I saw it on the nameberry forums so often. It made me feel like it was a popular name, but it isn't even in the top 1000 where I live.
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    I don't really mind some people liking my names on NB because it's worldwide and I like some pretty out there names . But in real life because I'm years away from having kids people using my faves does bother me I think it has to do with the popularity I don't want to call out say Evey on a playground and 5 other kids turn around (this happens with my sisters name all the time) I'd say the only names that's really bothered me becoming more popular is Evelyn which I never heard as a kid unless I was watching the mummy on the telly. the idea of a unique name people complement rather than roll their eyes or say no way that's my so and so's name their the same age 2 but when I hear a name I love being used on NB I smile because it means the names still being used but isn't so overly popular there's 10 on street
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    I have been going through this with the name Lila... it is a family name tracing back four generations. I have wanted to use it since I was little and now it is SUPER popular. I have slowly watched it climb the charts and it makes me a little sad, because I loved how unique it was. In fact some of our very close friends just named their little girl Lila, so I have given up on it as a first name. Overall I am happy the people are using this wonderful name, but I am surprised by how attached I have gotten to it.
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    I personally don't like other people using my names because of popularity as well. I'm a good ten years away from having kids, and I don't want any more of my names to go into the top 100. It's really aggravating because it seems every name I start to like is on the rise, lol. My friend gets really annoyed when I text her about that.

    Since I grew up with a popular name, I don't want my kids to. I hear my name EVERYWHERE and it gets really annoying. I hate it when I introduce myself and the person says "Oh I have a friend/cousin/sister/daughter/granddaughter/niece named Abby!" For once I want to be the only Abby associated with the name.

    My top girls' name right now is Adalyn. I've loved Adalyn since last year and I don't think I'll stop loving it any time soon. I can really picture myself naming a baby girl Adalyn. But the name I would be the most pissed about if someone used it is Lila. Lila has so much meaning to me because it's the name of my first jazz and competition team teacher. If someone stole Adalyn, I would be upset but it wouldn't be the end of the world. If someone stole Lila, I would have to remind myself that sneaking into their house at night and murdering them would land me in prison (okay, maybe not that extreme. But I would probably not talk to them for a while).

    For some reason, if my boys' names get popular it doesn't bother me. What really bothers me is people stealing my boys' names FOR GIRLS! Apparently "Carter" and "Torin" sound feminine to some people and that really irks me!

    Thankfully I'm the oldest in my generation by four years so I will be the first to have kids. My sisters would never steal my names (at least if they knew what was best for them...). What I'm worried about right now is my aunt's sister is expecting her second daughter and a couple of my names are the same style as her daughter's. For her sake, we better hope she doesn't steal one of my names. If she does though, I can honestly say I had them first so I'd use them anyways. I've never met her and I don't think I will.

    Sorry if this is long. I love ranting!!
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    I have mixed feelings when I see or hear of someone using my favorite names, particularly my favorite girls names. My boys list has a lot of names that are already popular, so it doesn't bother me so much when I hear someone use a name from that list. My girls list, on the other hand, has a lot of names that aren't very popular, so it's exciting and frustrating when I hear of someone using one of those names. Part of me feels excited because I think, "Wow! I love that name too. It's beautiful! Great choice!", but another part of me feels like, "No! Someone else used the name, so now it's going to become really popular!"

    I know it's probably silly of me to think like that since I'm no where near close to having kids, but I worry about my favorite names becoming insanely popular. I don't feel like I own the name, but I don't want my kids to have insanely common names, so I would rather people not use it. lol. I doubt any of my favorites will become extremely popular anytime soon (unless a celebrity or tv show uses it), but it' something I think about a lot.
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