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    Thoughts on MN Rosemarine?

    What do y'all think of "Rosemarine" as a middle name?

    My husband and I came up with it in a roundabout way... I really want to honor my grandmother whose name was Lina (which I think is beautiful), but for a number of reasons I can't use that name. One of my fondest memories of/with her is getting sent out into the garden to pick herbs for whatever delicious meal she was cooking. Because of her Swiss-Italian heritage/accent, she always pronounced "Rosemary" as "Rosemarine". To this day, whenever think of the word rosemary, in my head I call it rosemarine. I think it would be a unique, special way to honor her memory, but I'm worried that it sounds like a made-up name and is just too different. Thoughts?
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    no go. made up. try hard.

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    While I tend to not care for non-traditional takes on names, I really like the sentiment behind Rosemarine. Since it's in the middle spot, I think it works just fine. It'll make a great story to tell your daughter when she's older.

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    I would usually say it's NMS (though it is still fine), but I think the lovely connotation with Rosemarine certainly makes it a lovely option. It does sound quite made up, but you know what it means to you. If it really bothers you though, maybe you could use Rosaline / Rosalina?
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    I love the meaningful reason for you wanting to use Rosemarine. I think the message behind the name makes it very lovely and special. I think it would be sweet to use this as a middle name to honor your grandmother.
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