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    Hello berries!

    My middle name is Marie and it has run in the family forever. I never really gave it a thought to use as a first name, but have recently discovered how rich it is with literary (Victor Hugo), scientific and cultural meanings. Corey is a very special name for us and my DH and I would like to somehow honor both names if we could. Pregnant but not sure what the gender is, but want to plan for a girl name.

    My other favorite name is Eloise. A friend recently named her daughter Eloise and my sister's daughter is Eliana, so using it as a first name is out. But I thought about pairing it with Marie.

    So, what do you think of these combinations:

    Marie Corey ___________ (we have a two syllable last name that rhymes with strom) nn Mae

    Eloise-Marie Corey ___________ nn Lola Mae

    Thank you! My DD is named Olive and have received helpful feedback about sibling names, I just hadn't thought of Marie until recently!

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    jakki Guest
    My middle name is Maree too!

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    I love Marie as a first name! But, I also love Eloise. Sorry, no help here.

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    I love Marie Corey. I think Marie is sweet and unexpected as a first name. Marie Corey kind of reminds me of Marie Curie, which I think is a good thing . I'm not a big fan of hypenate names.

    There's always the option of Marie Eloise Corey or Marie Corey Eloise if you're into two middles.

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    I love Marie as a first name! Marie is my middle name (a family name also), and I've always loved it and wished it was my first. It's on my list if I ever have a daughter. Marie Corey is a cute name, I love it! Olive & Marie are really cute together too.

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