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  • Scout (with a feminine mn) Moorehead

    9 8.82%
  • Lucy Moorehead

    69 67.65%
  • Harper Moorehead

    12 11.76%
  • Teagen Moorehead

    8 7.84%
  • Sloane Moorehead

    4 3.92%
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    ugh, what actually works with last name Moorehead?!

    Me again! My DH doesn't like most of my top name contenders. He feels like our last name of Moorehead is really tricky to pair names with since it is like an adjective (more) and noun (head). I think he over thinks it a bit, but then again so do I, as here I am with another post and poll!

    In an earlier poll, Scarlett (nn Scout) and Lucinda (nn Luci) were top contenders, but I realized I really don't like the full names of either of those too much, and prefer the nicknames as real names. So, now I've got 5 here for you to choose from. Would LOVE input on the middle name as well.

    1) Scout ___ Moorehead (DH loves Scout too but worries it doesn't work with our last name-- I think it could if we gave her a feminine middle name, like Scout Anabel or Scout Elise or…)

    2) Lucy__ Moorehead (need mn help)

    3) Harper Grier Moorehead (mn after a dear friend)

    4) Teagen ___ Moorehead (mn?)

    5) Sloane ___ Moorehead (mn?)

    What do you think?!
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    I voted for Harper bc it sounded the best to me. I knew a Carmen Moorehead in school. She was a beautiful girl. Love her name.
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    I think Lucy works best with Moorehead. That said, I don't think there is anything wrong with the flow of Scout with Moorehead either, so if you both love the idea of Scout, it really does work.

    I think the only one that doesn't flow really well is Harper...between the P of Harper and the M of Moorehead, it does through flow off.

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    I immediately though Katelyn. I am very fond of it, although it's trendy. Mackenzie is another one that's very trendy but flows well. I also liked Taylor or Sydney Moorehead, I thought they both sounded lovely.
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    Lucy for sure! Lucy Grier is my vote. Anything two syllable or more. The one syllable bangs against the awkward surname. I also have an awkward surname so not meant offensively ;-)

    I think Scout is a cool name but given your last name, I think it could really set her up for teasing once the kids know the 'other' definition of 'head.' I know your surname is prounounced Moore not More but you get my drift..
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