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  • Dagny

    6 8.96%
  • Eliza

    18 26.87%
  • Catherine

    9 13.43%
  • Annabelle

    20 29.85%
  • Elodie

    14 20.90%
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    Evander & Dagny are my favorite . Gorgeous sibset !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shieldsc View Post
    I would also avoid the names that end in the "ee" sound, since they sound kind of rhyme-y with your last name (but I do so love Elodie!).

    I voted for Dagny -- it's pretty much just awesome with big brother Van!

    Edit: Duh, I just realized that Dagny also ends with "ee." I just love it, though!
    This made me laugh!

    We do like Dagny very much.

    From all the feedback, we are eliminating Catherine from the list. It might make the mn spot. Being able to eliminate a name makes me feel productive, like we might actually be able to pick one eventually (soon?)

    All of your feedback is so helpful, and hubby agrees
    Mother of Evander, Gabriel, and Eliza
    Theodore - Jobadiah - Shepherd -- Celia - Annabelle - Calliope

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    I actually don't like Annabelle with Evander since they both have the 'an' syllable. I voted for Eliza because it's edgier, but I do like the sound of Catherine 'Colluso'.

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