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    Help us decide please

    Not pregnant yet, but already picking names. We are trying to decide between Helena Margaret and Margaret 'Greta' Jane. It might be a case of waiting till she's born (if we have a she). Margaret is a very special family name.

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    Personally I'd go with Helena Margaret. I find Helena very smooth, strong, feminine and in a way sentimental. Also I like the possible nicknames of Lena, Leni, and Nell. Margaret 'Greta' Jane isn't really my taste - I like Jane a lot but Greta grates on me a bit and Margaret sounds very heavy to me. (There's nothing objectively wrong with it, I just don't care for it myself.)

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    I kind of feel the same. Helena is prettier to me.

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    I like Helena more than Margaret, but I like Margaret Jane much more than Helena Margaret (probably because I like nothing with Helena. I've probably axed it five times just because I can't find a combo I like!), and I like Greta (although I like Maggie and Daisy more). I LOVE Ella and Lena for Helena, though, and I find Helena so beautiful, so I might just go with that. It's a good toss-up. I like Helena better, but Margaret Jane better overall, so I think that gets my vote.

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    Margaret Jane is about as pretty as it gets!

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