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    How would you do it?

    How would you honor a Glenn Harley(male), if you had a daughter? I'm looking for a girl's first name to honor a male relative. I don't want to use Glenn or Harley as a first name and middle name is already chosen. I'm not only looking for your favorite but something that isn't too much of a stretch.

    I have thought of these names:
    Arden - it has a similar meaning as Glenn ("valley").
    Carley - rhymes with Harley but I worry it's too nicknamey
    Charlize - has 'harl' in it like Harley and another relative is Lisa.
    Elen - same ending as Glenn and my gma's name starts with an 'El'
    Gwendolen - starts with a 'G' and ends in 'len' like Glenn but I'm not sure it's enough to honor
    Harlow - starts with 'Harl' like Harley but I worry it's too trendy.
    Harper - starts with 'Har' like Harley but I worry it's too trendy and popular.
    Marley - rhymes with Harley and another relative is Marie.

    I'm curious to know what you would pick. It doesn't have to be from my list.

    I'm not pregnant yet but I hope to be sometime next year. Thank you!

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    How about Glynna? Or Enley? Has en for Glen and ley for harley. No clue what it means, I just made it up lol. Good luck!

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    It might help if you could share the middle name that you've chosen.

    My favourites from your list are Gwendolen and Harlow, and of those I think Harlow is closer to Harley than Gwendolen is to Glenn. Would you consider using just Gwen? Glenn to Gwen isn't too far a leap. Or maybe if you named a girl Gwendolen and primarily called her Gwen it would seem closer to Glenn.

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    Of your list, my favorites are Gwendolen, Elen, and Harper! I would definitely go with Glenna or Gwen, though. Glenna might be a bit old fashioned (based on your list), but Gwen is lovely and goes well with Glenn.
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    Harlen? (Spelled Harlan is a boys name but could be used for a girl)

    From your list I like Carley, Marley, Harper and Harlow

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