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    I'd just use the initials...Guinevere Halle.

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    Love Charlize and Elen (not enough little girls with this name!)

    I think all the names on your list have great ways to honor the name, but all of your concerns are reasonable (Harper is very popular, etc.)

    While I don't love it as much as Charlize & Elen, I like the meaning of Arden (I think that's a great method for honoring a name)

    Good luck!

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    Harlow fits with Harley. I love the name Harlow - glamorous Old Hollywood name.

    Marley makes me think of Bob Marley and dog in Marley & Me. and Harper is ok.

    Glenn is hard, I can only think of Glenda (as in the Good Witch), or Glynnis.

    Gwen/Gwendolyn is a stretch for me. Harley is not a bad name for a girl, it is spunky and fun.

    I would suggest thinking outside the box to widen your choices. For example, does Glenn Harley have a favorite girl's name, or a favorite place, or a beloved pastime, or a wish? Maybe you could honor him by picking what he loves as an inspiration for your girl's name?
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    I would go with Garland actually. Maybe nn Lana?

    Alternatively GH initials, Gloria Heloise, Greta Hazel, Greer Helena, Gale Hadriana, Gomeisa Hero, Grey Hannelore, Gaia Honour.
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