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    New CAF

    Your name is Hollis Evelyn Fair. You are in college studying poetry and you are introduced through mutual friend to a smart, cute English major who introduces himself as August Clement Langford. Your first date is at a coffee shop where you discuss poetry and your plans for the future, you know he's the one. You date for about a year before he pops the question. You get married on a beach Hawaii. After one year of marriage, you decide to try for a baby. After 6 months of trying, you are finally pregnant! 9 months later you welcome a healthy bundle of joy! A baby girl named Bay Juniper Langford. When Bay turns 3, you notice that she is lonely and decide to try for another baby. You get pregnant easily. After 9 months, you welcome Bay's little sister, Lark Acacia Langford. Over the next 2 years, Bay and Lark become the best of friends despite their age difference. When Bay is 5 and Lark is 3, they go sleep over at their Grandma Astrid's for a week while you and August go to Las Vegas, your first time alone in a while. When you come back, It's time for Bay's first day of school! You drop her off and head home to fulfill your duties as a stay at home mom to Lark. One the way home, you feel unwell. You decide to lay down for a bit. After waking up and deciding that things are not any better, you go to the hospital to see if everything is okay. Lark stays with Grandma Astrid. You take a urine test and it is determined that you are in fact pregnant! When Bat get home, you share the exciting news with the family! The girls are excited to see your belly grow! At 4 months, an ultrasound tells you that it is a baby boy! Holland Sage Langford is welcomed into the world one month early and he is cute as ever! You decide, no more babies!

    Bay, being the curious rebel that she is, dropped out of College and moved to Milan, the fashion capital of the world and became a prominent fashion designer! You now go with her to fashion week every year. She decided to stay a bachelorette and have a baby on her own. At 5 months, she found out she was having twins! She recently welcomed fraternal twins Axelle Doe Langford and Ash Forest Langford into the world.

    Lark became a lawyer and fell in love with one of her clients, Gulliver West. After a relationship of 5 years, they got married in your backyard. They have one girl, age 6, named Phoebe Charlotte. They are currently expecting another little girl who they name Beatrice Jane. She is also currently studying for her Ph.D

    Holland was interested in film from a young age, you now works as an Independent filmmaker, he has been accepted into Sundance film festival and is taking you! He met his wife at a coffee shop and they were were quick to get married. They tried for a baby but found that his wife, Cerys, was infertile. They ended up adopting a beautiful girl from Kenya whom they named Ebony Sundance Langford.

    The next poster will do the next 2 generations, and they can chose to star with either Axelle, Ash, Phoebe, Beatrice, or Ebony! You do not have to do them all, just one child.
    Some of my Favourite things...
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    Name of The Week: Lennon

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