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    WDYT of this sister set?

    What do you think of:

    Violet James
    Annabel Ray
    Olivia Drew

    The middles honor family memebers that are important. Thanks!

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    I like Violet James. Olivia Drew is nice too, despite the popularity of Olivia. Annabel Ray isn't my favorite though. I particularly dislike Ray on either gender.
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    I love the second and third names, I love the middle names too. I think both combos flow really well and the sibset goes together well. I don't like Violet James, mainly b/c Violet is nms, but also because sounds like "Violent James" to me, and it doesn't flow like the others do.

    Annabel Ray
    Olivia Drew
    Evangeline James nn Vangie or Evie
    Edith James
    Estelle James
    Elodie James nn Ellie or Edie
    Eden James
    Evelyn James
    Viola James
    Valery James
    Valentine James
    Vivian James
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    Beautiful together!

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    I think they go very well together! Violet James is my favorite, but I also love Ray as a middle name for Annabel. Ray/Rae is a family name for me, as well.
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