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    Honest Opinions on these names ??

    What do you truly think of these names?

    Ronan/Roman/Rowan- I love all three but I can't decide which I love best
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    August- very handsome, I love it.
    Ronan/Roman/Rowan- I like all three too, Rowan is my favorite, than Roman, than Ronan
    Emmett- I like it but I wish there was a good nickname for it
    Flynn- also a great name, fun & sounds like a "cool" dude
    Rhys- also like this, very charming
    Sebastian- I am not a fan of Sebastian, it reminds me of Cruel Intentions and I think it sounds uptight. Sorry!

    You have a great list though! My favorites are Flynn, Rhys and August.

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    August - I love it, it's the best month-baby name (Over April, May, June) in my opinion. Now, it seems more like a boys name than a month.

    Ronan/Roman/Rowan - I love them all, love the nn Ro, and love them best in that order

    Emmett - for me, this used to be too connected to Twilight, but nameberry ended that association, and I'm glad. It's a nice unique but not weird name, that I could actually see a kid wearing. (I love Roman, but I find it hard to picture)

    Flynn - I prefer Finn, but I love the sound, the easy ness of this name.

    Rhys - I'm constantly mispronouncing this name because the spelling throughs me off. I don't hate it, not at all, but of all the names on this list, this is my least favorite.

    Sebastian - I didn't give this name two thoughts until I saw it as a longer way to get to Baz. Now I love it. Even the full version is cool.

    Hope I helped! It's ironic - most of these names are my favorite boys name!

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    August - I've never understood the appeal of this name. The "aug" sound is just unappealing to me.
    Ronan/Roman/Rowan - I think they're all nice choices; None are really my style, but they're all great!
    Emmett - I LOVE Emmett.
    Flynn - It's all Flynn Ryder to me, but it's nice.
    Rhys - It's a nice name.
    Sebastian - Very Little Mermaid and kind of a big name (if that makes sense), but it's not the worst name out there.

    My favorite on your list is definitely Emmett. Rhys comes in second.

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    August - I don't like it, but I don't have any particular reason, I just don't care for the sound of it. It's not a bad name.
    Ronan/Roman/Rowan- I love these, especially Rowan. Rowan is definitely my favourite off your list, super handsome. Roman is a bit behind the other two for me because it reminds me of Roman Polanski.
    Emmett - I don't like it, it makes me think of 'dammit', but that is probably just me!
    Flynn - I don't like it, just don't like the sound. It's not bad, though.
    Rhys - I love it, this is my second favourite after Rowan. I have a thing for a lot of Welsh names.
    Sebastian - Meh, I don't like it and I don't dislike it. It's just not for me, sounds a bit pretentious to my ears.

    Although I don't personally like them all, I think any of these names would be a good choice. It's just a matter of taste, they are all good names.
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