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    The Twins Are Here!

    When a routine appointment led to the early detection of severe preeclampsia, our little girls were delivered Monday evening. Though a little small, they are total champs. I should be well enough to visit them in the NICU today! But that's not the priority right now...let's get to names!

    Older by a minute is Antoinette July. Her first name pays homage to my maternal grandmother, Anne, and the actress and director for whom Broadway's Tony Awards are named, Antoinette Perry. DH and I met working on a musical and continue to direct and teach theatre with high school students, so it pays tribute to one of our shared passions. Her nickname will be Annie. July is a month of milestones in our relationship, including our wedding anniversary.

    Her little sister is Cordelia Somerset. She shares her first name with the youngest daughter of Shakespeare's King Lear, known for her loyalty and honesty. These are qualities we hope both girls will have. Her nickname is Cora. Somerset Village is the area of Bermuda where we spent our honeymoon, and that island is our favorite vacation spot. I went there with my parents growing up, and we can't wait to someday show it to our girls.

    Big thanks to all the Berries who provided advice and support during this wild ride to first-time mommy hood!

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    Congratulations! They have such beautiful, underused names! Antoinette & Cordelia make a wonderful sibset.
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    What splendid names and stories! Annie and Cora are precious
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    Fabulous names! Antoinette July & Cordelia Somerset. Simply stunning. And Annie and Cora are super sweet together. Congratulations!

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    Congratulations, and best of luck with all the NICU stuff--hope your girls continue to do great! They have beautiful, meaningful names.
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