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    Baby girl due soon! Help!

    Need some input. Our first daughter will be born less than 8 weeks, and we are still stumped on a name.
    Out front runner is Hadley Paige. We always loved Charlotte "Charlie" Paige, but it's gotten SO popular! We have a son named Carson Patrick. The MN will be Paige, after my sister.
    Which do you prefer?
    Hadley Paige or Charlotte Paige?

    Other names I liked, but husband did not..
    Blakeley "Blake"

    Thanks in advance for any input!

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    I prefer Charlotte Paige, but it has gotten popular in certain areas. Hadley is ok. Some other names in the style of Hadley:

    Waverly Paige
    Connelly Paige
    Merritt Paige
    Briony Paige

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    I love Charlotte Paige. Personally, I don't think you should let it's popularity stop you from using it. I hear many say that they love a name, but wouldn't use it because it's too popular, which makes me really baffled. I mean, I don't think your child will care about the popularity of her name as long as she loves it. Charlotte is a timeless classic! But as I said, it's my personal opinion. I like Hadley as well, so whatever you choose you will do right
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    I prefer Charlotte Paige over Hadley Paige (Hadley reminds me of a Canadian rock band). I love the nickname Charlie for Charlotte.
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    I prefer Charlotte Paige- sounds more feminine than Hadley to me. Oh em gee "Leighton" is to dieeee for!
    xoxo Sam
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