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    Iam looking for original nickname option for Lilith.

    I know that there have been many threads on nb about the usability of Lilith. I'am not looking for opinions on the name, itself.

    I just want to hear ideas for nicknames for Lilith besides Lily.

    Any ideas because personaly I can't think of any.


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    I love Lilith (though I spell it Lillith for certain reasons)! I'm going to be creative, and play around a lot with vowel sounds, but how about:
    Lilu (Lil-oo)
    L (pn. like Elle)

    If you have a combo, you could make a nn from that. Like from my combo Lillith Evelyn Astrid, I've got Lea, Lileas, LE (Ellie), LEA (said Elle-ee-a like Aleah with an e), etc. I kind of think Nightie could be a cute nn at for home/with family, if you incorporate the meaning.
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    Lilith: nicknames:

    Lee or Lila (lee-la or lie-la)

    If her middle name began with a V, her nn could be Liv or Livi.

    Depends on her middle initial. Lilith Ariana could have Lia as a nn. Do you have middle name ideas for Lilith?

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    Thanks girls :-)

    I'am considering Lilith Xanthe & Lilith Constance. But i'am open on other ideas as well :-)

    @myosotis : I love your idea Lea & Lileas! Adore! Also the nn Nightie is just adorable. Thanks :-)
    @ashleyJuliette : Love the idea about Liv & Livi. Thanks :-)
    I am a lover without a lover. I am lovely and lonely and I belong deeply to myself.
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    You could call her Lilia, Lylie or Lith!

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