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    Hello! I love names on both of your lists.

    My advice: Don't name her Naomi. It's a cute, unique name, and I can see why you love it, but the first wife thing is just too complicated.

    Isabel is a perfect middle with nearly all of your names, and I like that spelling best.

    Favorites: Helena, Tanya, Leah, Thea and Maya. Theresa, Isabel

    Only name I dislike is Leigh. It's too plain, and I love Leah so much more.

    Tanya Isabel
    Isabel Helena
    Helena Isabel
    Leah Isabel
    Maya Josephine
    Tanya Victoria

    Tessa (Similar to Theresa, which he likes, but on the short, sweet side like Tanya, Leah, Maya and the names you like)
    Evanna (I just love it)
    Philippa (has a British feel like Helena)
    Jocelyn (is popular but not popular like Maya)

    Hope I helped! Please let us know what you choose!

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    Perhaps Nerida, Cressida, Alexia, Alexis, Valeska, Merida, Josette, Francoise, Francesca, Cesca, Athena, Journey or Gemme? I favor your husband's list, but you've got some jewels on yours, as well!

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    Alexandra Thea
    Natalie Maya
    Victoria Leigh
    Thea Victoria
    Helena Isobel

    I would avoid Naomi too - nice name but uncomfortable associations!

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    Naomi is so pretty but I'd stay away from it for the reasons other posters have mentioned already.
    From all the possible combos my favorite is Maya Isabel.

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    I love the names on both your husband's and your list! While I also LOVE Naomi Josephine, I don't think you should use it for your daughter if it has too many negative correlations (after all, she'll have that name forever)!

    Here are some suggestions that you might like based on the previous lists:

    Theodora "Thea" - it's a longer, more feminine name, which your husband likes, and you can use one of your names as a nickname!

    Tessa- similar to Theresa, and a shorter name like some of the names that you prefer

    Phoebe- feminine, yet can still be short and spunky

    Vivienne, Eleanor(a), Isadora, Lilian, Philippa, Francesca- all a bit longer, and fit more with your husband's preferences, but still have some cute opportunities for nicknames!

    Here are some that are a little bit more out there (some of my favs) but could still work:


    Good luck on finding a name!

    - Ryan Eliza
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