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    What do you think of the name Roxelana?

    I think Roxelana is really cool... and I've been considering adding it to my list. I used to live in Turkey, and it was the name of a truly fascinating historical figure in the Ottoman Empire. Do you think it could work in the US? Nick Name Roxy?

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    Can you help me to pronounce it properly? Rox-uh-lay-nuh? Or something else? Rox-ell-an-uh? Without having any knowledge of the historical figure, it looks like a made up name. I am not a big fan of Rox-/Roxy names, they aren't my style, I find them a little inelegant. If you could clarify the pronunciation though that would be great
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    The ways I've heard it said is Rox -elle- EE -nuh and Rox -elle-ah-nuh. I feel like its a bit more interesting and elegant than Roxanne/ Roxanna

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    I have to agree with sunflowerist, most people surely will not be aware of the historical figure and will therefore think it is made up.
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    There will always be ignorant people, and it's their responsibility to educate themselves (Wikipedia, anyone?). Go for it!

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