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    Question Help me narrow down word names?

    Older sister is Cadence Pearl. These are all the names on the list and I wanted to see what people thought! Open to suggestions as well!

    Autumn Dawn
    Clarity Dawn
    Clover Dawn
    Crystal Dawn
    Ember Dawn
    Felicity Dawn
    Harmony Dawn
    Journey Dawn
    Melody Dawn
    Serenity Dawn
    River Dawn
    Rosemary Dawn
    Sienna Dawn
    Verity Dawn
    Willow Dawn
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    I love word names so I pretty much like everything on your list. One that really stands out to me is the virtue name Clarity. I have long loved this name because not only is it a word/virtue name but:

    1) You get the bonus of using Clare/Claire as a nn. If she's shy as a teenager and doesn't want something that stands out Claire fits nicely.

    2) The meaning is beautiful. Who doesn't want more clarity? And with Dawn the meaning is even more special.

    3) It's unique but easy to spell and pronounce. Rosemary might get confused with Rosemarie but that can't happen with Clarity.

    4) They y ending makes it flow nicely with most surnames. Hence the popularity of Ashley-sounding names. This name is a classy, grown up
    version of Cassidy.

    They are all nice names, though. My number 2 pick would be Harmony.

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    I love Felicity Dawn and Verity Dawn!

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    Lena & Ioannis

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    Nikolas Erasmeios 02.03.2016

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    Felicity is my favorite! I also like Autumn, Serenity, Sienna, Verity & Willow.

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