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    Gemma or Everly? And a middle name for Everly?

    Thanks to Nameberry's help, I found a girl name that I adore! Gemma Lark. However, my boyfriend is on the fence about it. His very favorite is still Everly, but I'm not totally sold on that one either. I think if we had a cool middle name to go with it, I could fall in love with it.

    So which name do you like better and why? and do you have cute middle ideas for Everly?
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    Definitely prefer Gemma (and I LOVE Gemma Lark!). Everly seems trendy to me still, but for a middle name maybe Everly Jem?

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    Gemma Lark! Och, how utterly perfect. I love it. I like Everly, but nowhere near as much as Gemma. I think Everly Claire or Everly Juliet (Juliette?) is nice. I've always really liked Everly Claire, though...
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    I adore Gemma Lark! Everly is pretty, but maybe too trendy and somehow feels made-up. I second @ashthedreamer's suggestion, Everly Claire sounds beautiful.
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    Everly Claire is really pretty, I definitely like it. But I wanted something quirky in the middle, like Everly Jem. I wouldn't use that though, because I wouldn't want people to think it was Everly Jim.

    & I like Everly Juliet, but once again the boyfriend vetoed it.

    Everly is really the only girl name he has ever truly liked, so even though Gemma Lark is my favorite and I'll probably try to convince him of it, I want to give Everly a fair chance considering he really does like it.
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