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    Libby is one of my favs right now too
    Also, I like Eloise, Jillian, Vivian, Hazel, and Sylvie...

    Vintage/ nicknamey/sweet/classic:

    Larue (really old and uncommon gem from the early 1900s)
    Rue, Lou, Lula, Luelle, Lola, and Ruth
    Ruby and Ruthie
    Dora, Dori, Belle, Annie, Ada
    Margaret / Maggie / Marjorie
    Sallie, Ora, Maisie, Ellie, Ella
    June - Juni - Judith - Josie
    Georgia - Frances/Francis - Frankie - Glory (short for Gloria?)
    Minnie / Winnie / Gwynn / Gwen / Lucy / Beatrice / Bea / Judith

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    Maisie and Lula are my absolute favorites from your suggestions @ashleyjuliette. I'm not sure how to feel about Larue just yet, and if I could, I'd use June and Ruthie but I can't. I also really love Winnie but I'm not sure I'm brave enough
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