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    I know 7 Abigail's and 3 more Abby's.

    I am in Canada just as a side note!

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    Aug 2013
    I have never met an Abigail or and Abbey and I am 21 now. I don't know any though friends either.

    I am currently living in Australia but grew up in the UK

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    Live in the NE US, friends about the country and can think of 3 Abby's who may be Abigail's and 1 who goes by Abigail. Ages roughly 10, 6, 4, and 2. Pretty popular but the nickname seems trendier than the full. The full name has a lot of history, I'd call it popular more than trendy per se.

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    I know two. My cousin (14) and coworker (mid 20s).

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    I've known 2 Abigails and an Abbey. It's a bit overused, and Abby is a little too close to 'baby'. I'd opt for Abilene, Abrielle, Ava, Ayla or Cecily over Abigail.

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