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    Two middle names or one (first name Emmett)

    Our son is going to be named Emmett but we aren't sure about a middle name. We will either do Emmett George Ross (last name) or Emmett _______ George Ross. George is a family name and has to be used.

    Any ideas on a (first) second middle name? All we have so far is Emmett Oliver George Ross.

    Or is just Emmett George best?

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    I think Emmett George Ross and Emmett Oliver George Ross both sound great, actually! Whatever you prefer. I think it might be marginally easier to only have one middle name for administrative purposes, but a lot of people have more than one and it rarely, if ever, seems to be a major problem.

    One thing you may want to do is use a family surname as another middle name - a maiden name, a surname from a few generations back that hasn't filtered down, something like that. (Or for all I know that's what George is!)

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    I prefer one middle name, so Emmett George Ross.

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