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    I tend to prefer surname names, so both are pretty handsome. Everett is actually in my top 3 for if I ever have a second boy! Clark is alright, its simple and handsome. I think the Superman association is a plus. I just like Everett nn Ev, or Rett. Haha.

    Does either name have more personality to you? Maybe you can compare that to the personality of your baby? I imagine Everett being more laid back and cool, more calm I suppose. While Clark to me has an upbeat feel, maybe cause it rhymes with spark but just seems it has more energy.

    I probably just sound crazy though. Good luck!

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    Clark feels very classy and sophisticated to me. I can't imagine any fun nicknames to it either. It makes me think of a very studious and careful young man.

    Are you pronouncing Everett kinda run together? like ehv-rett or is it 3 distinct syllables? eh-veh-rett? Are you planning to use a nn like Rett?

    Personally Everett is more to my taste even though it's more trendy. It has a more pleasant, casual, friendly sound to me. I can imagine many different types of guys with the name, using different nn's. It feels a bit more flexible to me.
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    I personally prefer Everett. Clark feels really plain to me. Everett is full of handsome charm, and the nickname Rhett is so adorable. Everett Clark, maybe?

    Ooops, didn't read the bottom part of your post until now so scratch Everett Clark
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    I prefer Clark. It is classic and well known but unexpected. It is sophisticated. I wouldn't have even thought of the superman connection until you mentioned it. Everett is an awesome name too, but I prefer the simpler Clark. Either way, your baby will have a fabulous name. Good luck and congrats!
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    Oh wow I love both! I might go with Clark just because it's a little more unexpected. Everett is a little more on trend so Clark might stand out more. That being said I don't think you can go wrong either way. Great names!

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