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    I prefer Clark as well. Everett is a nice name, but it does feel very "on trend" and has been rising consistently for the past 10 years. Since you're worried about popularity, I would go for Clark... plus it's Superman's name, so you can't go wrong.
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    I really prefer Everett. It is a strong, handsome name that has nice nn possibilities.
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    I prefer Clark.

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    I like both. I’d be prone to vote for Clark....

    ....but in the end it would really depend on what your older son’s name is. I say this because both names feel very different to me and I usually suggest something that stylistically is similar but has it’s own personality. So if your older son is Harvey I’d go with Clark but if he’s a Henderson I’d go with Everett. (I hope that makes sense, and is helpful.)
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    Thanks for the replies everyone - we really appreciate it. Please keep the votes/preferences coming.

    This is our first child so I think we really feel the need to get it right.

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