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    Quote Originally Posted by zoz_zoz View Post
    ...I just want to find a name that is classy and elegant, yet somehow simple and pretty, fun and adventurous. Tough, yet kind. Intelligent and humble; Nostalgic yet futuristic, and classic yet unique...

    For whatever reason I think the name Violet embodies all of those traits and I want to find a middle name that does the same or comes close.
    I get what you are saying about looking for a name that is as awesome as Violet - it’s going to be tough. Have you considered looking for a complimentary mn? Maybe something that strengthens your favorite characteristics of Violet or one that speaks to something Violet is weaker in? I tend to look for names that compliment each other but that add depth and another meaning. It might be easier to find something you love when you aren’t trying to match something you adore!

    Suggestions for a classy, elegant, simple, pretty, fun, adventurous, tough, kind, intelligent, humble, nostalgic, futuristic, classic and unique mn: (Challenge Accepted! - Sorry for repeats.)

    Classy/Classic and Elegant and Unique:
    Violet Katerina (similar to your Violet Katherine combo but with an international spin)
    Violet Elora
    Violet Miren

    Simple, Pretty, Fun and Adventurous:
    Violet Elise/ Violet Alice
    Violet June
    Violet Noor

    Tough, Kind, Intelligent, and Humble:
    Violet Paloma
    Violet Alexandra/ Violet Alessandra (for a softer/more international flair)
    Violet Haven

    Nostalgic and Futuristic:
    Violet Elena/ Violet Helena
    Violet Minerva
    Violet Arietty

    PS: My very first thought when I hear all those adjectives are these Araminta and Mavis - neither of which work as a mn for Violet, but I thought I’d put them out there as they would make nice sibling names.
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    I personally have also loved the combos Violet Olivia, and Violet Noelle. I also like PP Violet Elise.
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