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    Need a first name for middle Saige

    For a friend

    they like the name Saige ( sage)

    just need a first name for it.

    other name they liked was autumn

    would be firstname Saige Bloomer ( bloomer lastname)

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    Saige is such a nice name, especially spelled like that. I'd like to see something longer and nothing with flowery/nature connections.
    Audrey Saige
    Aubrey Saige
    Elizabeth Saige
    Francesca Saige
    Julianna Saige
    Carolina Saige
    Penelope Saige
    Teagan Saige
    Vivienne Saige

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    Well the crazy woman in me wants to say Winter Saige Bloomer. But I will restrain myself and suggest:

    Lorraine Saige Bloomer
    Marilyn Saige Bloomer
    Cassidy Saige Bloomer
    Cassandra Saige Bloomer
    Calantha Saige Bloomer
    Miranda Saige Bloomer
    Lyra Saige Bloomer
    Ashlyn Saige Bloomer (or Aislinn Saige Bloomer)
    Tansy Saige Bloomer
    Taryn Saige Bloomer

    My suggestions are a little all over the map because I don't know their style. Personally, I would prefer Sage vs. Saige and I like the idea
    of a discreet nod toward blooming flowers so my fave would be:

    Calantha Sage Bloomer

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    I can't resist wanting to say Emerald Saige Bloomer, but more serious suggestions are

    Cordelia Saige Bloomer
    Athena Saige Bloomer
    Felicity Saige Bloomer
    Amabel Saige Bloomer
    Penelope Saige Bloomer
    Tabitha Saige Bloomer
    Ellery Saige Bloomer
    Aveline Saige Bloomer
    Florence Saige Bloomer
    Paulina Saige Bloomer

    I personally prefer Sage to Saige, but I do think the added i makes it more fem. Suggestions are all over the place because I don't know their style.
    Lady Loves
    Cassia, Davina, Eartha, Elula, Gardenia
    Magda, Marin, Merav, Priscilla, Rosalba, Salome, Wisteria

    Manly Hugs

    Adam, Caspian, Edmond, Esai, Ewan
    Gideon, Linden, Otis, Quentin, Reuben, Roscoe, Sampson

    Guilty Pleasures
    Allegra, Cassiopeia, Orleanna
    Naphtali, Oswaldo

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    I hope they decide to spell it correctly (Sage), but in any case...

    Augusta Sage
    Carys Sage
    Topinga Sage
    Sequoia Sage
    Zelie Sage
    Journey Sage
    Anoushka Sage
    Levicy Sage

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