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    38 weeks and still undecided on girl name!!!

    Still looking for a girl's name and only have 2 weeks to go. It's safe to say I'm obsessed. We have had the hardest time deciding on a name! This is what we've got left, but we're open to more suggestions. We have a long last night that is hard to pronounce, so we'd ideally like a shorter name that is recognizable and easy to say.

    Abigail Faith (Abby)
    Allie Elizabeth
    Annabel Faith

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    Out of these three, I would say Annabel Faith

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    But I also have some suggestions, since you seem to like A names

    I'm not sure which direction you're going as far as middle names

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    Annabel Faith is super sweet. Go with that!

    If I had to peg your style by those three options, I'd say you like sweet, simple, All-American girl names so as for suggestions:

    Eloise/Ellie, Halle, Jenna, Piper, Quinn, Kendall, Ayla, Lila, and Jillian fit what you seem to like. Best wishes, let us Berries know what you decide!
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    I also like Annabel Faith.

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