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    Cool Will these names be popular soon?

    Hello nameberry!

    I was wondering if some of you name statistic experts could take a look at my girls' list and tell me which of the names on my list are going to become more popular in the next few years, or less popular, or stay around the same place. Even if you aren't an expert on this, I would love your opinion based on how many you know of! I would hate for a unique name that I love now to become insanely popular by the time I have kids (Probably in about 10 years, which may be hard to predict, but it's okay if you can just try to predict popularity for the next few years).


    Thanks so much!

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    I'm not great with stats and this doesn't predict where the name is really going to go but check out this site

    It let's you plug in a name and see what it's popularity has been. I feel like one can probably predict approx where the numbers are going to be by trend - of course not over the long run and of course not if there is another Twilight phenomenon etc.
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    Just to clarify, I'm no statistic expert on names by any means but I adore these names so much!

    Flora-- I doubt it.
    Sylvie-- Possibly, due to the rise of Sophie and Sophia. But I don't see that happening within the next five years.
    Luna-- This one is a definite possibility. With the L name trends like Lily, Lola, and Layla this one only makes sense.
    Marigold-- This one is a bit out there, so I doubt it.
    Magnolia-- See Marigold.
    Olive-- Another possibility. Considering it's Drew Barrymore's daughter's name, and Olivia and Oliver are mega popular, Olive is on track to get popular.
    Echo-- This one is another "out there" one. I say no.
    Clover-- There is a trend for names ending in -er and Piper and Harper are popular, so it COULD.. I just don't see it happening in the next five years.
    Juniper-- Same here as with clover. It's an -er nature name and June is becoming more mainstream.
    Mabel-- Oh I love this name so much. But Bruce Willis' daughter Mabel Ray and the rising popularity of Mae as a middle could make it rise.
    Lucinda-- To me, this doesn't fit the style of your other names on here. This feels very dated. Now, maybe Lucy or Lucia will go up, but not Lucinda.
    Hero-- This is a very cool name. I feel the same way about this one as I do Echo.
    Lillian-- Definitely. I work in a preschool and the main classroom I'm in had two Lilys a few months ago, and one of other kids had a sister named Lillian, and there is another Lily in an infant room AND the teacher of the infant room has a daughter named Lily. SO I know a ton of Lilys. I still love Lillian though.
    Lucia-- I mentioned this name above.
    Martha-- This still feels dated to me. But I mean all it takes is one celebrity to have the guts to use it, and it would leave me shocked that the parents that would go for the name.
    Lilac-- Although it's less popular, I prefer the very popular Lily.
    Opal-- Such a sweet vintage name. This is the middle of one of the little girls in my main preschool class.

    This list is so interesting! The only names I really didn't like were Lucinda and Martha and Marigold/Magnolia. Regardless of how popular these are in the next few years, you should still use some of these. Mabel Juniper and Olive Lillian. <--- How adorable are those?!
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    Bolded means yes, I think it will be popular.

    Flora - I doubt it. Most people aren't on board with the whole "vintage chic" thing outside of Nameberry.
    Sylvie - Same. I associate the name with "alcoholic French receptionist", not "trendy two-year-old girl."
    Luna - This one I think will definitely rise significantly in popularity. What with the Harry Potter character and the cutesy, simple sound, this one is ripe for usage.
    Marigold - it's a fairly obscure flower. I think you're safe.
    Magnolia - I've seen it getting some hits on Berry forums, but I don't think it'll crack the top 200.
    Olive - after Olivia has had its heyday, Olive will seem too close to use (that's why Jess and Jessie have disappeared after Jessica's hour in the sun).
    Echo - Probably too "weird" for most common namers to use.
    Clover - again, a little out there. Also has a bovine feel to it.
    Juniper - I think a celebrity just used it, which always catapults names out of obscurity into the limelight. It has a similar feel to Lucy and Amelia, with a touch of quirkiness. I expect to see it used a lot in the future.
    Mabel - see Flora.
    Lucinda - though Lucy is already mega popular, Lucinda still gives me granny vibes.
    Hero - again, probably still in the "too weird" category for most.
    Lillian - Lily is exceptionally popular, and Lillian is already rising. Probably the most currently popular name on this list.
    Lucia - fits in with the simplistic yet feminine sound that is rising in popularity.
    Martha - since most people associate it with the first American first lady and ye days of olde, probably not going to be gracing the charts any day.
    Lilac - it's possible, with the popularity of Lila, and various other flower names, but it has an unusual sound to it (name popularity often comes in sounds; the "bella" names, the "ley" names, etc.).
    Opal - too quirky.
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    this is an even better site:

    I already know children named Olive, Opal, Juniper, Mabel and Martha. But really what does does it matter if you like it? You can't ever completely predict the future and it isn't so bad to have a name that reflects your place and date of birth is it? The USA seems really obsessed with being 'different'.
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