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Thread: New Baby

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    I strongly prefer Catherine with no nickname.

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    My name is Kathryn and I've gone by the nicknames Katie, Kat, and Kate as well as Kathryn for a bit. None of my names seem to fit me but I love the name on other people The 'y' spelling sometimes gives people the 'yoonique' jeebies but it's actually one of the older spellings (going back at least to the 16th Century). Again, I think it's a gorgeous classic name, just not one I've overly identified with in my 28 years.
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    I like Catherine but only this spelling. I don't like Katherine/Kathryn and I like the nn Katie/Kate. Unfortunately I can never use the name because I have a cousin named Katherine who goes by Katie/Kate
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    I adore the classic Catherine! It's beautiful and feminine.

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